about us

We are a group of passionate professional opticians & optometrists on a mission to educate and introduce the tools to help our consumers see better and look better. We believe in good design that accentuates your personality and bring new sight.

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Our work process

Step 1

understanding your needs

Our professional opticians & optometrists first understand your vision requirements. Be it sport, driving, office work or children high myopia, we will introduce a lens that fit your needs.

Step 2

eye examination

We will perform basic eye tests such as refraction and slit lamp examination. Advance eye tests will be conducted on a need be basis and results sent to labs for further analysis.

Step 3

lens crafting

We craft your lenses using precise machinery, to re-create perfect vision, in 30 minutes for selected lenses.

welcome new sight!


Let’s work together

Our eyewear defines us. Let us work together in solving your vision needs, and to re-create perfect vision.

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